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About Us

24 full years have passed since Dimitris and Apostolis Aronis decided in 1998 to open their tattoo workshop in Korydallos. At a time when tattooing was still taboo and characteristic of the fringes, the two brothers decided to venture and create Dermagrafics Tattoo Studio , which by insisting on careful designs and strict hygiene rules managed to establish itself as one of the best tattoo studio in Greece.



After all, Dermagrafics Tattoo Studio is officially the first studio in Greece that managed to obtain a legal state operating license ! A license based on this, the Stigma Skin Society (Panhellenic Federation of Tattoo Laboratories) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, created the existing legal framework for the licensing of tattoo laboratories. Dermagrafics not only paved the way for the next tattoo studios in Greece, but also became a "school" for many tattooers.



Today, Dermagrafics Tattoo Studio consists of a large crew, with artists from the field of graffiti and painting, where each one has expertise in a different style of tattoo, from a more traditional style to a more abstract aesthetic, always in a custom design created for you only.


It is no coincidence that the Dermagrafics studio has won many awards in international competitions.